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Welcome to the 1917 spa in the beautiful Orange County. With over 6 years of performing Endermologie and over 10 years of Medical Aesthetics skin care, we promise you excellent care and top notch service! We believe in inner health and with Endermologie you will get a full body lymphatic drainage massage/detox, improved circulation, reduce cellulite, skin toning and tightening. See your body change, sculpt, and skin tighten! Glow from the inside out! Our anti aging chemical peels are no downtime but instant beautiful glowy skin results! Call us anytime when you’re ready to experience a boost in inner health/outer beauty! Consults are free.


At 1917 Med Spa, discover Endermologie: a non-invasive treatment using rollers and suction to enhance skin texture, reduce cellulite, and boost elasticity. Excellent post lipo or any surgery to reduce scar tissue/inflammation. Get ready to rejuvenate!

Chemical peel

At 1917 Spa, a chemical peel gently exfoliate the top layer of skin, revealing a smoother, more radiant complexion. It's a rejuvenating treatment for a fresh, youthful glow.


Technician was the best I’ve had for endermologie and I’ve been doing it for decades. She was so thorough and really took her time to listen to my problem areas and body issues like my auto immune disorder. She was so sweet. 5 stars all the way
-Lauren L.
Wow she’s amazing ! best endermologie tech out there! She really made my day, week, month  etc lol! I’m glad I found this place!!!! Get the monthly unlimited package ladies and really see your body transform!!! My cellulite is almost gone 
-Stacey W.
I’m an athlete and have been doing massages for years but someone told me about her and her endermologie treatment! And my muscle recovery is in half now….amazing.
-Jane D

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